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few bugs and some feedback here


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first of all Hello everyone! (didnt see a place to introduce yourself yet, not that its too important but dont wanna be rude)

So i LOVE what you guys have done with the game, it is pretty visually stunning, and game mechanics are pretty amazing, and all around a pretty big success IMO!

so theres the feedback

and now for some minor bugs.

i lag from time to time and i have tried lowering my settings and realized it wasnt because of my computers performance, which im sure will get smoothed out sooner or later.

and my other bug is the game crashes after every single game, and has crashed in the middle of a game too, but mostly after each transition at the end of a game. and after every game.

hope i helped some, will be back to point out more if i find em. super happy i be in this stage to help mold the game =D again you guys rock for making this game!!!

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some more bugs i found:

game crashed after islands map (game has been going just fine for the most part until that crash)

game randomly freezes for about 30 to 40 seconds and i appear about 50 feet away from where i was standing if i wait out the freeze

when switching between first and third person, it wont go into first person correctly and seems like im looking from the inside of my gun in the middle of the screen,

some more feedback:

idk if its just me but these grenades are pretty annoying, but not nearly as annoying as airstrikes and i havent been the only player to mention this.

also being able to hit my windows button to go to desktop to adjust my volume in the volume mixer or access another program super quick would be great so i wont have to close out renegade just to adjust my volume and such

will be back to note other things to help with beta

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Alt+Tab works fine for me.

haha idk if it was just too late or early in the morning cuz i got no sleep last night but i just slapped myself for not using that hahah, my apologies.

but i found another bug:

(this one has happened more than once) this time i was at the purchase terminal and i had made a purchase and randomly was put into free look mode without any escape from it, so i had to log out and rejoin since a player told me that was the only way out of that.

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