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MRLS animation, soldier selection, others...


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Not so much bugs, just oddities...

-The soldier images when choosing a new character, mainly the engineers, have a right hand/arm that looks a bit...deformed. The bend in the wrist looks unnatural and if I tried holding a gun like that...painful.

-The MRLS treads don't move in sync with the ground. The vehicle moves along faster than the tread is moving, gives the appearance of the vehicle skating or sliding along.

-The soldier machine gun can fire just a single shot if tapping the mouse button, as expected, but the sound continued to play for a split second even after that one shot is fired.

-Climbing ladders is interesting. You can spin a full 360 degrees, and even shoot during any portion of the climb.

-EVA notifications go on even when nowhere near the base, makes for more noise when it's not really necessary.

-When the GDI grenadier reloads, it sounds like the soldier spins the cartridge before finishing the reload sequence, but there is no animation to go along with it.

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1) is simply not the best of deformation on the character's mesh through animations. An animation revamp is in progress and plans to address all of the little issues like are in place. But with the amount to do and how we plan on going about it, might be the fastest route, but should yield nice results in the future.

2) Have you noticed the misalignment of tread movement on other vehicles or just the MRLS?

3) Noted

4) Ladder interactions are basic at best. They certainly will be dealt with.

5) What do you mean EVA sounds go off no where near the base? As in you hear an announcement in the field and not only next to buildings or in your base? This is intended. This lets you know if you need to go back to help defend or in other cases, might clue you in to help push the attack.

6) Noted.

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