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FIrst of all, the level of the sound in this game is way to high. I almost got hearing damage when I first started renegade-x.

I had to switch my volume settings ingame to 5%, that's just unacceptable if you ask me.

I would also like to suggest adding a "General sound volume" so you don't have to use all 4-5 sliders to tune down volume...

Also the intro-video doesn't look at the volume settings. So when I started renegade-x for the second time my head almost exploded again...

Great game but I seriously cannot understand why no-one noticed this before... Everyone of my buddies complained about this.

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Me and 3 of my friends, that makes 4 people all had this. Either it has to do with the fact that we all are dutch or this game sound is just set way to loud.

For reference, listed to youtube/music file when sound of that video is set to 100%. Then launch renegade-x with sound on 100%. The volume levels should be equal, but I can most definitely confirm that renegade-x sound is like 400% instead of the 100% I get on music/other games.

I also must admit that in most games I tune down sound, but most of the time it's to like 60%. Not even close to 5%...

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