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Steam Tracking: How does it work?


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I've been following Renegade X for quite a while now. Played it while it was still a UT3 mod, enjoyed Black Dawn, and anxiously awaited this day. I'm now downloading the game through a torrent (Literally the only reason I own a torrent program. Only things I've ever downloaded through it are Black Dawn and RenX) and can't wait to install.

However, I saw that the game somehow uses Steam to track your stats, despite not being on Steam in any official capacity (at this moment!). I'm curious as to how this works and what brought on the decision to uses this method of stat tracking compared to simply attaching the forum accounts to a game account.

Let it be known I'm not worried about the devs stealing any information through Steam! I'm fully confident in Steam's ability to resist such efforts and in the developers moral fiber. I'm just curious as to how this all works.

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