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Bots seem to like hijacking vehicles


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If in Skirmish you abandon a vehicle (like, to get out and use a PT), and some traitorous AI walks by, he'll just... take it.


Am I missing some kind of vehicle lock function? (Though I think I shouldn't have to lock it around my own teammates...) Perhaps it makes sense for them to pick up a vehicle if you die in the enemy's base, sure, but I don't feel like this particular theft is desired. :P

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on the topic of locking vehicles, it's either desired and undesired to lock a vehicle. Let me give an example for both:


When playing on GDI on Walls: Flying, Nod SBHs are in the GDI base ready to steal those vehicles. Or when in the field or frontline, getting out to repair you tank might get an opponent rushing your tank to hyjack it. To counter it, you need someone else to occupy your vehicle while you repair it, locking prevents that.

On the frontline/field it isnt that big of a deal, but on maps without base defenses it is! Nod having free vehicles in GDI base to pound the buildings with ... nuh uh!


On maps with base defenses and assholes in your team, snagging all tanks they can because its cheaper than buying them. Once I had a person reply: "but i have no credits to buy one, i just joined." well ...... thats a legit reason to just take a tank that i'm repairing atm ...

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