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First off - this is a great product. C&C Renegade was a great game to play back in the day and you all have done a fantastic job of updating it. This is a list of my immediate reactions to the game for playing it for several hours.

1) This game runs smooth as silk. Animations are great, load times are great. Lag does not hinder multiplay. Graphics are wonderful.

2) The game is faithful to the original and does very well for it. There have not been large changes from Renegade Classic and I applaud the restraint of the developers - it does not look like anyone tried to fix something that was not broken.

3) Automatically locking vehicles and the inclusion of the ability to donate credits is great.

4) The animation for Airstrikes is very well done and calling them in feels very satisfying.

5) Tech buildings add something new - I like them. I want to see more of them, especially since you have the UI established for (were they Arsenals?) what looks like a system of automated turrets.

6) You did away with friendly infantry being potentially run over! I am very happy with that. Many are the memories of my Tech or Hotwire purchase going to waste because some tank driver didn't know I was too close, or my character got sandwiched between two vehicles that inevitably pile up when they get in range of a base.


1) Airstrikes will definitely require tweaking. This new feature seems to me to be a little too powerful.

I like the inclusion of an area of effect territory denial weapon, but right now I found it to be too easy and devastating a weapon to use.

Perhaps allowing the opposing team to have a "Warning, incoming Airstrike!" cue when the strike is called in could be an option - at current I was able to reliably wipe out a besieging force of vehicles that hit a choke point and were bogged down with one another.

I could also see the strike being made a bit more of a "tactical" weapon - perhaps lessening the amount of time it takes to "paint" the area (by perhaps 15%) and lessening the time it takes the planes to come in by a small amount as well, but lessening the overall damage - rewarding coordination when used in sync but at a fairly expensive credit cost.

Ultimately I enjoy this concept, I would love to see more varied abilities like this that are reminiscent of Command and Conquer, reward thinking and are temporary game changers. I would just like something that is not as arbitrary as it seems currently - it ends fun for the players pretty quickly and seems a tad out of place.

2) Levels with Tech buildings need UI support for them. Keeping track of who owns them is impossible unless you go up to the MCT and look. An addition to the UI that shows which side is in control of the tech building would be very useful.

3) Could you please include a way to allow quick reference of inputs? I had a brain fart and forgot that the "F" key changed 1st/3rd person view. It seems to me that the only way of determining what inputs are set to currently is to exit the game, but could it be possible to at least be able to review what are the current settings in the in-game menu?

4) Multiple times when changing a map (and several other players mentioned it in game chat) the game would crash with "Powered by Unreal" (or something like that) not functioning, requiring the game to reset. The game crashed when the new map had to load. This did not happen every time, but happened 2 times in three.

5) It would be incredibly useful to have a reference of how one's turret is oriented relative to the body of the vehicle. Being able to have 360 degrees of movement for the turret is a great step up from the Classic game, but I got disoriented a couple times. I also had problems with my Flame Tank getting caught on the concrete barriers that led from the tunnels near the Hand of Nod in Island. Vehicles in this game are for the most part slow and ponderous - which is how they were designed, but they are also very large and do not crowd together well. It sucks to accidentally cause a traffic jam by forgetting that your vehicle was facing another direction.

These are just my initial thoughts from a couple hours of gameplay. This is a great program that was obviously created with passion and superlative skill - especially considering the fact that this game is 100% free.

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