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vehicle lags


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Can also confirm, the game seems to suffer from lag when servers fill up. I've yet to find a 64 player server that isn't suffering from severe lag. I don't know if this is the server's fault or if there's a way it can be improved. I've played various other UE games with 64+ players and not had the same kind of lag.

Vehicles especially are pretty broken when it gets bad, they can barely move (it's very stop-start-stop-start), but it doesn't seem so bad with infantry.

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I've noticed specific maps lag while others don't. Whiteout, for example, is almost impossible to correctly use vehicles because of the lag you get... but oddly enough it's only vehicles and doing anything else works fine.

I also want to point out that the attack helicopter shaky dance, which is something that only happened to me when I dropped below 30FPS, is now happening to me at 50+ FPS. This was also noted on Whiteout. I think it just might be a side effect of the vehicle lag.

I haven't noticed much of a problem when the servers cap out though. It's usually pretty consistent. It's just map-based.

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