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Suggestion: In Game Notification for Friends


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Great launch so far guys. I have been playing with a group of friends, and one thing we all agree on is its a little difficult and hectic to find everyone on the battlefield (even when we are all in vent). If you would allow squads, or some sort of friends notification that changes the in game text color of your friends to another color, or some other sort of indicator, I think it would really make the game more enjoyable for groups that play together by allowing friends to easily locate one another.

Perhaps some sort of indication on radar could be useful as well.


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Meh, back in Call of Duty Classic and Renegade Classic, there were no features. You took care of it yourself.

Anyway, no biggie really, just go through steam or teamspeak to keep awareness of one another. That way playing together is no real big thing. Just do it the old fashon way.

Not everything needs to be old and archaic for the sake of it. Really it should be an easy feature to implement and would make playing with friends more enjoyable.

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Well, in an UDK game without any previous structure for it, yes, yes it can be hard. This isn't a hundred man team of devs nor is it a paid team.

That being said, you MUST be in STEAM to collect LEADERBOARDS, so why not just use steam overlay? And why wouldn't you use IRC and TEAMSPEAK either?

Adding hard to code things into the game that magically somehow tracks your friends and stuff, more difficult than it sounds.

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Well we take any suggestions right now aslong as people can name some good reasons for them. Thats alright. The hardest part honestly was to get to this point. Now we have again some room for creativity on new features.

Thanks for the reply. Another thing we noticed is players names seem to completely disappear once they get inside a vehicle, which further adds to confusion :).

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