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Just finished download....6MB/s is nice :)

It is AMAZING. Anyone who has ever played Renegade will feel right at home. It's familiar, beautiful, audio is music to my hears, gameplay...outstanding. This is everything you could imagine an updated C&C would be.

Even the little quirky things from the original...fixed. No stealing someone else's vehicles, they are locked for 30 seconds (I think it's 30) so the purchaser has time to get into it.

How did you guys pull this off...for free?????? I feel guilty.

To run at Ultra Quality, you're going to need a decent system. I'm running an i7 2600 @ 3.4 with 16GB RAM, ATI 6770 Graphics. I have to look at some more settings but I don't know the actual framerate I was getting.

Totem, you are Gods.

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