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I've been busy spreading the word amongst my virtual community (steam, origin etc) as I have already exhausted my 'real' community (close friends, real world people etc). I think we should all (if you haven't had a chance to yet) spread the word and try to recruit as many players as possible. I honestly believe that this game is superb in every respect, I am confident it can easily attract any gamer.

On another note, it is always quite interesting listening to the reactions of those who never played this game after you pass them a YouTube link to RENX pr0n (yes the videos are great). They all generally start with -

  • 'wow!'

  • 'this is free?'

  • 'no micro transactions?'

  • 'wait, so completely free'

  • 'whats the catch?'

They are in disbelief hehehe.

Then of course they go on to rave about the graphics, mammoth tank and explosions:

  • 'Looks better than crysis!'

  • 'what is that giant tank?'

  • 'What is that lighting thing that blew the base up?'

  • 'you can nuke a base?!, how do I get one of those?'

Seriously though, give me another FPS where you can use nuclear weapon! :D

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The Cain in Mass Effect shoots what appears to be a nuke and has a big radioactive symbol strapped to your back.

In seriousness, Ive had my friends have the exact same reactions...after I spent 10 minutes trying to convince them its not a Battlefield clone.

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