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A few questions/concerns


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With the release date being so close, I have a few questions that I didn't see answered elsewhere. I played Renegade back when I was in college, and was wondering if these things have been addressed.

1. Did the shotgun see any improvements from the original renegade version? That gun was quite possibly the worst shotgun in fps history. You could be right next to your opponent and either deal something like 10 damage, or just straight up kill them in one shot. It was like playing a slot machine with bullet spread. Not cool.

2. The maps + Nod Artillery. These two things kind of play off themselves. The base entrance for vehicles is one giant choke point that ensured that once Nod had the field, GDI wasn't getting it back unless Nod screwed up somehow. All they had to do was focus arty fire in that one spot, and any tank that dared to show itself was pretty much instantly destroyed. You couldn't even get your snipers to destroy the damn things because of the insane splash damage radius. I know that you said that you added projectile drop for the artillery, but is it enough? Once you learn how to compensate for it, I can't help but think that we'll be right back on Field with GDI stuck in the base repairing their WF. I've heard that the airstrikes are meant to counter things like that from happening, but you actually have to live long enough to use the thing.

3. Snipers. There was no reason to NOT be a sniper in Renegade if you weren't in a vehicle or repairing one. Hitscan weapon + potential 1 hit kill made any other choice obsolete. Please tell me that snipers at least have to actually use their scope to achieve any sort of accuracy. I know that RenegadeX wants to be faithful to the original, but hitscan on sniper rifles isn't exactly the epitome of balance, ya know? I mean back in the 2000's sure, there wasn't exactly much to choose from, but I really hope snipers have to work a little bit harder for their kills other than having the ability to point and click.

4. Anti-Vehicle Infanty weapons. They kinda sucked against vehicles. The railgun and pic were far more useful against infantry than any tank. The grenade launcher was a joke. The chem sprayer was actually pretty good (for its price), but was tied to only one unit with pretty low health. The laser chain gun wasn't even worth using. Most of the problems stemmed from the fact that vehicles slaughtered soldiers pretty easily (once again, insane splash damage). While I know that tank vs infantry is a one sided fight, in the original renegade it was pretty pathetic. I mean a railgun cost 1000 credits, but the 800 credit med. tank had him outclassed by a mile. That doesn't make much sense, price wise. Any changes on that front?

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1. Shotgun in renegade worked pretty well for what it was intended for. A free infantry close range weapon. The spread and damage meant you could do anywhere from 15-600 damage depending on where and how many bullets hit. It was still pretty efficient though. The renegade x one works pretty similar. Remember that the addition of sprint increases the chance of a close quarters combat chance.

2. The mrls was given a rotatable turret as well as the arty arc. On field, the arty arc means that the Arties can't just all focus on one area because if they are shooting the WF and a med comes out, they now have to move where they are aiming in order to hit that med. In renegade you really never had to move it at all and it made the arty rather OP.

3. Snipers have a bit of a spread from the waist, and the reticle is hard to spot sometimes. There is also no free-aim currently, which means much less potential for hugging. There is also a night vision scope that will have many people wanting to use the scope more often with snipers.

4. I disagree with some of your points here, but I suppose that's just opinion regardless. Most of the guns work differently to some degree, and some are more effective in certain areas of the game. The rocket soldier, for instance, now has a 1 shot reload lock-on middle that is much more useful against tanks, but not very useful against infantry.

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1. I don't believe shotgun was changed.

2. Arty was nerfed with the arcing shots, removal of screen shake, and removal of damage through buildings, plus MRLS buff. The Nod advantage should be gone now.

3. Snipers no longer have the reticle dot in the dead center of the screen, to discourage no-scoping.

4. I too disagree with vehicle>infantry. Splash damage from most tank shells was terrible, APC was hard to aim, etc. I don't think damage against vehicles was improved for any weapon, but you can now buy an Armor-piercing gun to replace your pistol, even if your barracks/HON is destroyed so this helps infantry vs. vehicles.

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I personally find the shotgun to be better than it was in Renegade. Plus, GDI has a new advanced shotgun (flak cannon) that blows the free one out of the water. It replaces the tiberium auto-rifle. (But don't worry, that weapon is still in the game).

As far as infantry vs vehicles, it's pretty dynamic, I'd say. I don't know if it's just me or the engine or whatever... but everything in general seems to have more clear cut areas of expertise. Infantry are very effective vs vehicles when they are intended to be. PICs/Railguns are excellent anti-vehicle weapons, for instance. The LCG is pretty awesome as well.

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