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I tried it today without internet connection.

I started server with followed .bat file

@echo off
cd "F:\Games\Renegade X\Binaries\Win32"
start UDK.exe server CNC-Field?AdminPassword=password123?maxplayers=40?GDIBotCount=0?NODBotCount=0?GDIDifficulty=10?NODDifficulty=10?GDIAttackingValue=60?NODAttackingValue=6 -port=7777

Starting the server gives followed error message:

AInternetLink Resolve failed with error code 11004
[GeminiLinkClient] Unable to resolve renegadexgs.appspot.com

This should not be a problem i guess.

But connecting to the local server will result in an instant disconnect (loading screen appears for some seconds)

Server is logging followed:

NetComeGo: Open TheWorld 01/30/15 14:39:13
NetComeGo: Close TcpNetDriver_0 TcpipConnection_0 01/30/15 14:39:13

If i activate internet while the server is still running i am able to connect and the server tells:

Client passed authentication, UID: 0x0....

So it looks the LAN support without internet is not working anymore? :(

Is there still Lan support without internet connection? Is there a trick to get it working? Any ideas?


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Hm. yeah the game checks if you are on the global ban list. If the game can't check that it assumes you might have tried to bypass the check and so it shuts you out and closes. So no LAN support atm for the sake of security. But we'll look into making it possible again.

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Thx that fixed the problem. :)

One suggestion for future releases, maybe add a option to set a nickname for offline games in the settings. You are able to set the name in the console with SetName .

It would make the game more LAN friendly which many games aren't anymore now.

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