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Major mag interested in interview


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Hello Renegade X team,

my name is Andrej and I work for the biggest gaming related server in my country. We're a subsidiary of a major newspaper and attract a lot of attention (I can't disclose numbers publicly but I can do so in private followup). We'd love to do an interview with you guys. Can you PM any contact info?

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Who knows? Might be legit. On one hand, some countries that use the ruble do have a population highly into games yet games don't economically scale so it is practically like paying $150 for a game up there. This kind of thing might be big news in that kind of setting. PMing him doesn't hurt.

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ofcourse you are right!

also probably just a translation problem here, i do understand (My english is far from perfect as well) ...

it just sounds wired

and i thought contacting the team with a thread in the public forum is an odd way, in that case ...

but there is also a lack of any contact informations on the main site

that should be corrected i believe ... would help other interested parties to contact the team

without any registration on the forum

after all i am just curious to know which site he refers to

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