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Right now the team is in its final stages of creation. Playtesting and altering the last details for that perfect game. More probably they overhaul some last major things to go that little extra length for a beter than perfect game.

With the release so close, I can understand that the site is being neglected. It has already been stated that it isn't a priority. Still, taking on a broader perspective, it should be a major focus. The aim of the game is entertaining old-school players and gain new players from the gaming community. To be a success, they need to advertise, even with a zero/negative profit product. The advertising is now done via other sites. I'll leave out the psychological stuff, but it is better to recieve people on your own site with news(optional), video's, pictures, artwork, descriptions and the up to date download link. From how to play to the eye-candy, it should be there.

Much to my regret, it is better to wait with the release until the site is ready. The community will grow much more, gaining more old-school and new players. This would provide groundwork for a longer lasting experience and more choice in servers.

Im not saying that they should have a site with regular updates and such. They have shown their quality and should not be forced to keep putting time into supporting the webstite. The site should be robust with normal information. Even if the site is only up for a year, the groundwork would be much more solid.

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Aren't we already near the release? I mean, the year ends in 7 weeks.

We have no money to compensate people and when peoples lives get more stressfull they have to let go of some of their hobby projects, totally understandable and normal. Its called inactivity and every free project, clan or anything like that is affected by it. Of course we are aswell. Thats why the old site went down cause we had noone capable of maintaining it anymore. Only just recently we got a new capable webmaster to work on this for free. People that want to help this community project and have the skills to do so are hard to come by.

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