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Goodbye (for now)


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Hey guys!

So, i'm making this topic because my parents have decided for a while now that we're going on a holiday to mrorocco tomorrow, and we will be staying there for about 6 weeks!

We will be travelling over 2000 kilometers to get there, crossing multiple countries and the water :P

But to the general crowd here, i would like to say a happy holidays, and have a good one! :)

To the beta testing team, i kinda want to say sorry because i've barely been able to test the game so far, and for my absence lately. It has been a very busy period to me, and finally when i get some spare time, i won't even be able to stay in touch because i won't have any access to the internet.

But i have been playing a lot of C&C Renegade again lately, and i've kinda slowly turned into the go-to guy there in-game if you have any questions about renegade X, and other C&C mods. I've been trying to get this game noticed by the renegade community not by advertising, but by means of a good chat. I've put a lot of effort in it, and i hope i've been able to expand the community size a bit more with it. :)

Also, by the way fobby, have you ever heard about this guy named [NE]Tjienemy[RUS] or something like that? (It'ss a bit of a wild guess, i vaguely remember his name.)

He told me that you and him went way back in renegade, and that he has tried to contact you by sending a couple of emails a couple of months ago, but you never replied. I've redirected him to the forums, but i have no idea if he has responded yet. He did know about your project though.

Anyways, i wish you a very jolly holidays, and have a good one (again)! See you in 6-7 weeks. Or i'll somehow be able to get on the internet again.


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