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I was thinking back at the old days and googled a bit and found out theres actually people working on a new renegade that even looks quite promising..

Tho after downloading I found one thing I minded and that was the 3th person view wasn't right behind the character and that I couldn't zoom in and out with the mouse wheel.. But beside that I have nothing to comment except "keep up the good work!".

Also I was wondering if there are still any of you oldies out there that might remember me. I mostly hang arround the demo community but also played full version on gsa and wol. And ofcourse [HLOW] was my first clan :3!

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Hi there buddy,

I (personally) was playing the original C&C: Renegade and i am waiting for the mod to be released officially for everyone, with the multiplayer.

As far as i know from playing a little bit on Black Dawn and on the beta that used to run via Unreal Tournament 3, the 3rd person view is indeed not right behind your character but rather sideways. it's not something that takes too long to get used to, and within couple of games you'll get used to it.

I am wondering, however, how long until the the full site will return, because its been about 2 months (roughly) since the forums got upgraded, and the full site has yet to return.

Anyway, welcome to the community and enjoy your stay! :)

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