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Pariah's Guild interviews Renegade X


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Hey guys. Just a small update over at Renegade X - the website "Pariah's Guild" has just posted an interview they had with members of the Renegade X team.

Here is an excerpt:

Noobkiller; Can you list some gameplay modes for the mod? Also, can you tell what's your favorite one (between you, me, and the other readers of this blog )

Havoc89: The ever so popular Command and Conquer mode will make its triumphant return. All you have to do is blow up the other base without your own base being blown. Seems simple enough right? Just wait till you play it. We will also be adding some more game modes, some I am sure you can guess, some which I bet you can't guess. We're keeping them under wraps for now. Our main focus is on the C&C mode.

You can read the full interview here

Thanks and be sure to look out for Renegade X's next update in the coming weeks, where we will be releasing a new ingame trailer, music, renders, and a special surprise for the Renegade community.

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