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Alright, since our other temp skin vanished cause of *cough* unknown *cough* reasons, i threw this temp one up, its a pretty sexy theme In my opinion :P

leme know what you all think and email if there are any bugs at

[email protected]

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QUOTE (Killa @ May 16 2008, 06:40 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>

I see a difference

are you coloUr blind? or are you using a monitor that came with your commodore 64?[/b]
Let's not be biting people's heads off just because of their perception of color. It could be that at the time he posted that, all the posts were labeled as new for him for some reason and he imagined the different shades.

He also very well could be colour blind, in which case you should apologize.

It's spelled color. Americans don't use nearly as many unnecessary vowels as the Brits do.
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