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Redesign my Website


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I hate the look and feel of the website as it is. The photos on the pages are ok, the words are fine but the look needs a lot of design work. Anyone want to take on the job.

If you want to do it I need to see some sites that you have designed. I would also want an e-commerce area put into the site.

I have oscommerce installed on it and it has the lenses/contacts that I want to sell.

I will pay for someone to do a good job, but I need quotes on the work.



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QUOTE (Speedy059 @ Apr 10 2008, 04:53 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
He needs to make a living some how. Working entirely on RenX stuff wont bring in any income.[/b]

thank you speedy!

yea i need to make some cash bob, I have the experience, and I need the cash to go towards my tuition for school
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My tuition isn't to bad compared to my brothers'. He is paying close to $50,000 a semester lol... I think he has abou $250,000 in student loans now....

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My bro will be making double that though when he's finally out of medical school though...medical school just isn't cheap. You have to go a quater a million in debt to be a doctor these days..

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