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Ingame Video!


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What's up guys

So for the past two weeks, your fellow Renegade X (formerly known as Renegade 2007) development team has been working to get a few vehicles ingame.

We've now got the GDI Humvee, GDI APC, and Nod Stealth Tank ingame for the mod. On top of that, we already had the Nod Soldier and a couple maps, so why not make a video preview?

So that's what we did. I present to thee, the Renegade X Ingame Vehicles Trailer. All of which is being presented in Unreal Tournament 3, on our remake map of Field. Keep in mind that everything is open for discussion.


HD Trailer (Recommended)

LoRes Trailer

YouTube (Low Quality)

Mod DB link to video coming soon (anything is better than YouTube quality-wise).

Thanks again guys, and expect another update very soon!

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Hey, I watched it, and i thought it was awesome, though i am having a few issues about the stealth tank that was shown, i believe the missiles should be a fired more apart, they are too close, and i dont like the red color to them, other than that its FRICKING AWESOME ;P

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