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I will gladly take up on this offer as I have eight years of paper modeling experience as a favorite hobby.

Pepakura is a great program that I used in the past. All you need is the texture map file of the model and with this program, you can extract, clean and create a printable paper model which when assembled, results in a 3D model!

I have seriously thought about giving my best to bringing the vehicles of Renegade to life for the past 1 year. Only time is my only concern as I am always short of it due to a very busy lifestyle.

I am considering making a paper model of Renegade vehicles. Let me start on the GDI APC since it is very simple...I will update when I have made considerable progress.

Thanks for bringing this up Seb!


Pepakura is better for vehicles than for characters IMO. Characters tend to come out boxy and with many flat-sides unless a really painstaking high detailed model is made. Vehicles just come out perfect...and Renegade's low-poly vehicles will come out awesome. Woo I am so excited once again!

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