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to say Hi! Fobby. The work I've seen so far looks incredible bro, nice work from your mod team. I hope you guys can finish this before Ren2 is released though or it will be killed much ilke Team Fortress Forever when they released it 1 day after TF2 came out or something like that.

Wish you guys luck with all the hard work and happy new year wink.gif

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But let me start out by correcting some misinformation you seem to have got, there is no renegade2 on its way. What is under way is a C&C-based (or so EA claims) Tactical shooter with no C&C mode. thus no matter what renegade 2007 will succeed no matter when it is released.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Hey Dom. I miss playing with you and BK!

And VinGummi pretty much covered it, the new C&C FPS game EA's mustering is a different gametype than our mod. Our mod's an arcadey, fast paced C&C-mode game; while EA's new FPS will be a tactical, squad based Battlefield-like game.

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