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  • Totem Arts Staff
The Top 100 Mods and Indie Games of 2007 will not be announced on the 20th of December as originally planned but will instead be unveiled on the 22nd of December. We have decided to push back the date to include 48hours more voting due to a few reasons:

* A rule amendment which states any mod released in 2006 which has not released a significant new version in 2007 (and has made the top 100 before) will not be eligible to make the top 100 in 2007
* The voting is currently very tight from the 90 to 110 mark with only a handful of votes separating the competitors, so we felt an extra 48hours of voting may come in handy... especially when you consider the following:
* This years top 100 mods will be showcased on the AMD! Game website as well as Mod DB and considering this site sees 4 million gamers a month, this represents an amazing opportunity for the top 100 to reach a different big audience of people and companies beyond the Mod DB

As always good luck to all developers, modders we encourage you to make the most of the next few hours because you don't want to just miss out on making this years top 100![/b]

Get to voting, people!
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