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No Cross-platform play for PS3

Terminator 101

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BS: I was going to ask you a long time ago about the PC and PS3 thing -- making the versions have network interoperability.

MR: We have the capability to do that using GameSpy, because it's the same online system between the two. We decided close to the end of Unreal Tournament 3 that we weren't going to do that, because for us, it meant keeping compatibility between the two different versions of the game on the PlayStation 3 and the PC.

I don't know if you're aware of this, but when you go to create a game for a console, you have a rather lengthy certification process. Which is a good thing. I'm not criticizing that, but it means that it would be very difficult to bring in a change to the game, or hunt down a cheat or exploit -- things of that nature. It could take weeks or maybe months to ship that update on the PlayStation 3.

So what do we do? Do we sit on the PC version for a couple of weeks or months while we go through this process? We really didn't want to hamper our PC players with that kind of responsibility to the console. We really wanted to make sure that we had a really great -- and I'm very proud of the guys who have made what you played tonight -- a great PlayStation 3 game. It feels just right when you're playing it, and there's enough subtle differences between the PC game and the PlayStation 3 game that making the two compatible would be a challenge.

We would definitely have to change some things on each platform to make them similar enough that we could have cross-platform play, and we didn't want to sacrifice our PC audience -- our tried and true customer that's been with us for a long time. We felt strongly that we didn't want to make them suffer for our art.[/b]


I was soo looking forward to playing thins mod with you people. With people that will be able to appreciate this mod for which game it is based on.

Since not enough people with consoles even know about this game, I fear that this mod will not get as much attention on PS3 as it deserves. :evil:

UT3 on PS3 is the only way for me to play this mod.
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