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Renegade 2007 Podcast & Media Release


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  • Totem Arts Staff


CnC Source's very own MightyBOB! interviews Fobby, Titan, and Havoc89 in this cast. The Renegade 2007 team has chosen specific questions from our Community on the previous Podcast threads. In this clip, 24 questions are directed towards the representatives. It is approximately 50 minutes long, featuring Chicajo's and Frank Klepacki's musc in the background. Big thanks to those who have taken part, and thanks to our community for posting their questions.

No download needed, stream it off our server:


The GDI Barracks is a place where the GDI team can purchase their advanced weaponry, or re-arm themselves. Without this structure, GDI will have to revert to using basic weapons. It has been modeled and textured by our very own Deathlink.


Check out the GDI Barracks being rendered in real time!


The proximity C4 is one of the most basic forms of base defense. It is an anti-infantry explosive charge that detonates when enemy troops approach, and often carries-out deadly results. Often referred to as the "mine", a grouping of proximity C4's is perfect for defending doorways to friendly structures. Modeled by JeepRubi, unwrapped and textured by Havoc89.


The Nod soldier is the most important in Nod's arsenal. This revolutionary is a basic infantry unit armed with an assault rifle, trained specifically to fight off and ambush GDI infantry and light vehicles. You will learn to either be his best friend, or worst enemy at the starting minutes of every game. Completely created by Havoc89



(The weapon being carried is a temporary place holder, and not the Nod Autorifle.)

Uneal Tournament 3 releases tomorrow, the 19th of November! Be sure to pick it up if you plan to play the mod!

Keep checking back here, because we've got more updates coming soon!

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