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The Podcast: Finalized Questions, Release information


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  • Totem Arts Staff

Hello all, a new update on the podcast.

It will be released between Sunday, November 18th, 2007 and Monday, November 19th, 2007. Be sure to check back here on those two dates.

Unreal Tournament 3 releases on the 19th, so if you'd like to pick it up after work or school, that'd be cool too.

So here is the final list of questions for the podcast. I had to merge some questions together, as well as reword some other questions. Some of the questions didn't make the podcast, either because they didn't make sense, or we had answered that question in another question.


To start off the interview, explain to the listeners what the Renegade 2007 mod is.

Will the mod be released in phases?

Will bots be incorporated in the mod?

When we play Renegade, and drive around in faster vehicles, there isn't really any "realistic gravity" You guys going to make it make it better in the mod, or keep it how it was in Renegade?

Will Renegade 2007 be remaking the original maps from C&C Renegade? What enhancements will you be making on them?

Will the damage ratios be realistic, or closer to Renegade's?

Will the scoreboard be like the one in renegade with the ability to switch what is shown?

How about the screens that showed which buildings are still alive for both teams?

Will the point system be the same?

Will you be using UT's VoIP system for communication? What about radio commands?

Will the game speed be same as UT, or will it be as fast as C&C Renegade(which means slower)?

Will the initial version work with PS3?

Will the Stealth technology work like it did in the original renegade?

How awesome is the team?

Will you receive infinite ammo for all infantry weapons like in APB, or will this mod be more realistic?

What new content will Renegade 2007 bring to the C&C Renegade universe?

Will the team possibly port the Single Player campaign over? Or will this be Multi player only?

Will you change the layout of the buildings in anyway?

When buildings are destroyed, will the structure completely collapse?

Are there going to be player controlled harvesters?

Will you let the Reborn and APB team use your mod as a platform to launch a second version of theirs?

Do you see a future in game design/creation?

Out of all the things you could have done for a mod, why did you choose to remake the classic game C&C Renegade?

What is the predicted time of launch of this mod?

All of these questions will be answered in detail in the podcast. We will also be releasing new finished works on the day this podcast is released, so it's an update you won't want to miss.

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Originally posted by [NE


Unreal Tournament 3 releases on the 19th, so if you'd like to pick it up after work or school, that'd be cool too.

DAMN YOU ALL, I have to wait until the 30th because I live in Denmark, so don't even think of releasing this mod before then tongue.gif

Otherwise that is sure gonna be a good podcast

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