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There is a great deal of discussion going on in the Unreal mod forum. Has any thought been given to keeping a thread about Renegade mod going in this moding area? There are some very talented artists, coders, etc. that that follow that area closely and if they see that their is interest they may be enticed.

Might want to consider this before many join other projects over the next few weeks.


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That might be a good idea to recruit people with more experience in this engine... the only downside I see is that they probably wont have any idea about Renegade... and therefore not be able work very well.

Things like this would happen: "Oh... it's like that? That is stupid.. it be much better like this"

And seeing as this mod is trying to be as close to Renegade as possible, there isn't any room for doubts like that.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Yup, the reason why we're doing a podcast at UT3 release is to spread our propaganda in the UT community. We're also preparing some nice textured work, which you will see soon smile.gif

I understand what you mean R315r4z0r, but there are tonnes of people who have heard of or played C&C Renegade in the UT community, you might be surprised.

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