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Server related question


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Well, like, is there going to be some kind of dedicated server download? Or are we going to have to download the whole version of UT3 and Renegade 2007 to run a server? If it is possible for someone to work on a Dedicated server file sooner or later that would be sweet. Just a thought.

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If it's like 04 then we wouldn't even need to do anything special. Mods can be self-contained in a single map. Just add the maps to the server.


Therefore the mod could be played on any server, not just a dedicated Ren07 server. The maps could go in any rotation and be more widespread through the community than just on dedicated servers.

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Unreal has this file type that has the extension .ut(insert version number here)mod, and what is does is install a mod onto a client's UT installation with no problem. I thought this mod've used one of those.

In reply to Jeep - it's just like a .exe, but it tends to give less errors and is more end-user friendly. It's also a recognised format amongst UT gamers, so people will know what to do with it (Open it, and follow the on-screen prompts)

In reply to R315r4z0r -

They would have to download it in the same way you downloaded the UT3 demo.

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