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New forums for whatever domain we want...Thank Speedy059 for the hosting!

Thanks for helping us out...you really came in a time were we just lost our old boards...well hopefully they will come back :? Is so we can copy it all back here and now we have the ability to back up as well smile.gif

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Hello all newcomers, as you may know we just opened the forums to the public...

Our Live WIP forum will be updated as the artists on the team have something new to show, not all work may be posted to the public, It's up to the artist decision if they feel they want to show off there WIP...So a few things may be posted early some may be posted at a later time in it's development....either way be sure to check that forum out frequently.

All general questions should be asked in the General forum :wink:

Right now we have a temporary website up, soon to come will be a full website with news feeds and SS's of the mod, and a development blog aswell.

The team is very excited about this project and we are happy to see many potential players excited aswell.

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Thanks for getting in touch with me Titan ... glad to see that this is coming together ... not sure how much I'll be around as Dogg and I are expecting a little bambino so I am tired most days and don't feel like getting on this machine. I'll post an announcement on renwarz.com get ya somemore peeps that will be completely interested.

Love ya guys, yeah ever you Speedy tongue.gif j/k

L8r All laugh.gif

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