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Herr General

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Originally posted by Mighty BOB!

Sure! The more the merrier! biggrin.gif We just need UT3 to be out so we can mess with the editor now. xD

In any case, you can always make fan maps or freelance if you aren't an "official" team mapper.

I plant get get UT3 the day it comes out so will you teach me how to use it's mapper then I can help?

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Hey Herr General, thanks for coming here!

Can you share some of your work for us, maybe reveal some pictures of your maps? That'd be great if you will, and once you do, I'll talk amongst the team about your joining.

Meanwhile as you wait, take a look at our News and WIPs sections. Try visiting this forum often, posting comments, being active here, etc.

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