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I can help if yeh want meh to =o


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I've been playing Renegade since a bit after release, and I can easily say it's my favorite game... and it being remade, with better netcode and graphics to boot, is enough to make me love it more smile.gif I discovered this project and watched it with interest as it grew faster than most other Renegade projects with its large staff team and organization. I registered here today and decided that I want to be a help in this mod... even if I only skin a single model, I'll know that I've helped ohmy.gif

What can I do?

I've used Photoshop since the release of Renegade, and have gotten quite good at it. I don't have any work to show, however, as most of it got deleted through corruption and my comp crashing and et cetera. I can do pretty much anything in Photoshop, once I lock a picture in my mind of what I wish the final product to look like. I would be happy to help texture any of the models you have open and have a large amount of time at my disposal, at least when not sleeping or at school. I can get quite a lot done when I want to and have an idea of what I'm doing. And in this mod, I know what its gonna look like--Renegade, and I am too familiar with it to mess up.

Simply, I want to be a graphics artist here... and if you wanted me to, I could write informative things on the project and explanatory summaries on units or structures, as I am not at all bad in my writing.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Great - you're the kind of person we need!

Yes I can say the same about my history in Renegade - I can easily say it's my favorite game, as I've been playing it since the demo was released. And indeed, our project is progressing quickly. Thanks for your interest!

A texture artist position would be great. What's your status on availability?

Add me on MSN and we'll talk... you can find my email address in my profile.

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