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C&C 3: Renegade o_O


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Heyo guys,

I thought about ripping and converting the CnC3: Tiberium Wars models for fun, works good so far. I managed to re-scale them correctly to integrate them into the Half-Life 2 Source engine.

I uploaded a screenshot from my current work. The Warfactory is nearly done so far. I still don't get it, how to create correct collision models, so that the bounding box won't be used anymore.

What ya think?



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Oh, Look's nice.

I'm sure EA would go mad about putting them on a Map for Half-Life 2 but it looks good, Also, What tutorial did you use to Alpha blend with Hammer? Please do share your secrets!

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EA wouldnt go mad cause they overwheelm valve, cs and hl is now part of the ea family and so on the soure engine so i dont think they would not accept a total conversion to source engine ^^, only some games are not in EA's hand tongue.gif

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