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How you doing? I found out about this modification through a community forum of old friends that met through previous games. Most of us are from the renegade days (Beta Days mostly.) I was at the time pretty involved in the community. I went on to run Nova Studios/Devil Head Studios, and was lucky enough to have a talented team of individuals produce some quality work. Thanks to their efforts we also appeared in several magazines and our demo made it on a couple of demo's. I have also been involved with Neron Network, which hosted websites and game servers. .

I have done free lance writing for

- Amped DX

- modDB

Currently I design flyers for local concerts. Below you can find examples of that, and also examples of an article I did.

I do occasionally produce logo's and wallpapers also. I'm looking to apply for a Public Relations/Graphic Position and anything else I may fit into. Noteably I'm looking to do Wallpapers, Logo's, Public Relation Work, Staff Organization and such.

A quick run down of me...

I apply for such a position because of my pure love and memories of Renegade. To date its one of the best games I have still played. I have not messed around with the Modification Community for a long time, but this has arisen my interest in such a thing.

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Wow bro you look like a really professional.

I've never had someone apply for such a position before. I'll talk to the other guys on the team, you look like you'd be useful in one way or another. Some wallpapers and stuff will be cool, we've already made a few.

Considering you do wallpapers and 'graphical' work, do you have any experience in texturing?

Welcome to the forums man, enjoy your stay.

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