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This is going to be a tough one to crack!

Crimson might have a hand in letting permission for rg but i doubt they will make it as they do not normally make renguard for modifications for renegade id like to hear what you guys think on the subject

Thats all for now, Brad

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  • Totem Arts Staff

UT's Unreal Engine uses its own anti-cheat stuff... it's far better than Renguard too (No offense to BHS, they are doing a great job!) The system that finds you cheating automatically bans you from all of the protected servers... so basically 0 cheaters.

And even if your server isn't using an anti-cheat program, it's easy to find cheaters on UT. All admins need to do is use spectator mode.

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No one is trying to take anything away from BHS, they have worked hard on renguard and created a great anti-cheat system and expansions that have kep renegade going for years. That said it wont be used as UT has it's own anti-cheat such as anti tcc, so there is no point attempting to port renguard over.

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