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I was told by a member of staff that i could join the freelancing team and i would be able to make a few projects and maybe make the game better in the long run as i have no current projects and would like to spend my time and making this game better for the community as i love renegade and would love to see this game become fantastic so i can play it all the time biggrin.gif


Scripting (C++, CLR, PHP, Batch, (x)HTML, Java, Javascript)

Graphics(Logos, Banners, Wallpapers)

Ideas(I am pretty good at coming up with ideas for scripts and features)


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To freelance check out the what we need thread, but since your a coder...

You'll have to wait for us to talk with the team coders...see what they need and what they are planning on doing.

Stick around on the forums and I'll shoot you a PM, when i hear bacl from the coders.

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