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Is this the future for the dogs?


For us Buddhist. We believe we can reincarnate depends of what we do in our current life. But what happens if he/she reincarnate as a dog? To be suffering like those as shown above?

I am spreading this news to

C&C Reborn

Eastern Front forum

Stronghold Heaven forum

I cant spread this news to

A Path Beyond forum due to register error.

Note if u cant watch just copy

Documentary - BBC - Pedigree Dogs Expose…

and google it. Then you click on the 1st link. Is from MySpace

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  • Totem Arts Staff

i always kneew that pedigree's had problems but never knew how bad some breads are, some of these breaders and the kennel club are just sick thay should be put down.

me and my family have always had whipits and all of them have been prone to cancer :( im just shocked that the kennel club is letting these dogs become worse with evey generation.

shocking and saddening

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