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i don't remember how westwood did things but i know how it works with the source engine.

you can have DrummerX and no one else can have it, but there is a work around with alt codes to mimic DrummerX just the way it is.

With unreal, alt codes dont' work, last i checked so you won't need to worry about people stealing your name. so you can be "halo2pac" and no one less can. One thing people can do and have done is done the whole "halo2pac_" etc...

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at the moment you can use the game spy login for UT3 and will set your nick to your game spy login nick, or if you do not use the login your nick will become "Player###" but you can change it in game by hitting TAB and typing in "setname nickname", if you do not use the game spy login you can not save settings :(

people can use your nick in game as long as it is not being used at the time (your not on the server) ... this happend to me where a hacker came in with a bot and killed me about 50 times in a row and messed my death/kill ratio up :( , i just hope there will be a serial or login in the standalone

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