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Old westood getting back together?


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I know I read somewhere out there on the net about the majority of the Westwood staff getting back together in order to develop a new RTS. The article I read had a screen shot of what looked like Rengeade styled units in RTS play (no it wasnt a SS of any mod, ive played most of them). The article mentioned the name of the game and the name of the company they were starting, but I cant remember >_<

I left the page open so I can share with this community later. Unfortunately my comp restarted at some point durring the day and when I got home the page was gone =(

Anyone else hear about this or read anything about it? Ive been trying to find it but cant find any leads ive tried google, ign, and cncden.

This COULD have been awesome news to all the Westwood fans out there. But dumb me didnt bookmark like I should have =(

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YES it is End of Nations I was looking at.. the vehicles look very familiar to those in the Red Alert series

Thanks Fobby googling that got me right to it!

My problem was I saw this in mid July and I went on vacation for a month and completely forgot the names of the both the game and publisher. I tried checking browser history(chrome) but it was too far back =(

Thanks again

If im not mistaken, TRION is the company that the article claims is were old Westwood is at now.


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