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Need help please


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  • Totem Arts Staff

the server list is down and as such the servers have been taken down coz no 1 can see them but i do beleve that there was a server put back up last week by AlienXServers

Server IP:

Port: 7777

the easyest way to connect is via Renegade-X-IP witch you can download HERE

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  • Totem Arts Staff

lol no chance RenegadeX 0.5 beta needs most of the assets from the full UT3 game :( UT3 can be picked up for under £,$,€5 what ever curency you may have, steam has it very cheep, but the UDK (standalone) virsion is comming (dont know when :( ), UT3 is a good game in its self any way and for under a fiver how can you go wrong lol

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