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Tiberium in The Sims 3


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hmmm as i have a wopping 1/2 mb/s connection at the mo i have been playing all my offline games and have compleated tham all so i got the sims 3 out and started playing and i came across Tiberium "WTF" whats next, have Kane knock at the door aking my sim to join Nod ?

when found


when cut in to a sphire, and it spits Tiberium out ! COOL


so its cnc sims now is it ? EA trying to mix it up abit ?

btw for those who play the sims 3 the drill is apart of the new ambitious expansion pack

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This actualy happend in The Sims Complete Collection (First game and all its expansions in a pack), they had all the characters from CnC Renegade in it! Havoc, Patch, Dead Eye, Sydney, Dr. Mobious, Kane, Sakura, Raveshaw, Mendoza. Probably a few more which I didnt mention. Now, dont take me wrong, I dont play The Sims myself xD But I happend to walk by my lil' sister which was playing it and I spotted those and became very confused.

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