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So i just bought UT3 because this mod looked awsome but i think my server list is screwed up theres only like 4 servers and only one of them has ppl in it....but only 4 ppl, so my question is, is my list messed up or does no one play this game....cuz its awsome how could there only be 4 people playing right now its eroneous

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  • Totem Arts Staff

Because playercounts usually depend on the time, since this is a mod and not a retail game. I think the best time was 3 hours ago from your post, and the best days to play are Saturday and Sunday. But yeah, between 6 and 20 people are playing most of the time, so certain times are better than others. On weekends at around 3:00pm EST, the player count hits around 20-30.

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