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Vehicle locking, it's finally here!


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I started working on a vehicle locking function yesterday and managed to finish a basic vehicle locking system a couple of hours ago.

The vehicle locking system will only be available at the MP-Gaming server for now along with the team balance system that I created but forgot to announce.

Here's a brief explanation on how the vehicle locking system works:

When you buy a vehicle, that vehicle is automatically bound to you (unless another vehicle is already bound to you).

The following commands are available:

!bind and !b allow you to bind a vehicle (you must be in a vehicle to use this command).

!unbind and !ub allow you to unbind a vehicle.

!lock and !l allow you to lock your bound vehicle to prevent teammates from taking it (also forces the driver out of the vehicle except if you're the driver).

!unlock and !ul allow you to unlock your bound vehicle to allow teammates to take it.

!bindlock and !bl allow you to bind and lock your vehicle at the same time.

If an enemy steals your vehicle or if you change teams, your vehicle will be unbound automatically, meaning you will not be able to lock or unlock it from that point on (unless you steal it back from the other team :D ).

Brief explanation on the team balance system:

!tc swaps the player to the other team if the other team has less players

!rtc swaps the player to the other team if the other team has less players, else creates a team change request.

!tcwait shows the current list of team change requests.

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QUOTE (kenz3001 @ Feb 18 2010, 04:02 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
thank you Skeetrpan for all the hard work ... i can now get out my ride to help repair a building with out the worry of some gitt on my team steeling it :D


shouldent this be in "Maps, Mods, and Mutators"[/b]

This isn't a mutator release. It's an announcement about the new features of the MP server.
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