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RenegadeX Server Stats


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I have continued working on the stats system that i started before. It has now been furthered to include a basic ladder. It ranks player in the MP-Gaming Slaughterhouse #1 server.

More advanced features are coming soon. Also some of the data currently logged is test data. I will reset the statistics this weekend to give everyone a fair chance. The reason behind revealing this before the release is for me to have time to hear your suggestions and comment and fix any bugs should they arise.

You can find the alexStats main page here:


This is the link for the alexStats rank page:


Please share any comments or suggestions, and please inform me should bugs arise.

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I would like to implement that, but the server does not give off such statistics. In order for this to be possible i need to code a mutator that will record these stats. I am planning on doing this but first i need to learn Uscript, which i am in the process of doing. So hopefully this will eventually be added.

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does anyone know how to get ranked in the server, because i tried making an a ccount on ut3, so that i can log in when i join the server, but still to no succes. :(

i also joined the ren-x server, then i minmised it to go to the web site thing, it shows my player, but when i clicked, it it says no player selected.

so anyone know how to get your stats logged???

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Good news for everyone liking a little competition among the players in Renx:

The Rankstats designed by our very own AlexRirak are now fully operational again :)

To view your rankstats and get code for a forum image plz visit:


Also the gameserver stats are working again at the topright corner of our homepage

on http://renegadexserver.com


Have fun :D

Greetz zunnie

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