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How about when holding a C4(timed, remote, proximity) there will be a "ghose" of the C4 exactly where it will land if you were to toss it.


Would help with precision mining, getting that C4 onto the MCT and not the wall around it. :P


I can shoop a picture of what I am talking about if need-be.

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I'd just walk closer to it. At this point, we should all be good enough to plant c4 on the MCT. If I miss its always lag :)

Anyways, don't you hate having timed c4 on you? maybe by an enemy sbh or anyone. A c4 ghost would make c4'ing other players too easy.

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QUOTE (R315r4z0r @ Jan 16 2010, 10:13 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
It's a good idea because it would help us to consciously avoid that annoying "floating C4" bug.[/b]

hmmm but wouldent peolpe just put the c4 in the most awkward place thay can... i know i would lol... so that annoying "floating C4" bug would still be there

yes it is a good idear but that bug needs to be fixed befor you could use it :( which defeats the point of it, i think

but it would be a nice feacher to see where ya c4 is going to land
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If people don't do that now, then it wont be a problem if this is implemented.

It's just really annoying when you go to toss your last C4 onto an MCT just to find that it stopped short and is hanging there in mid-air. When it goes off, it doesn't do any damage to the structure, and the structure doesn't get destroyed.

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