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Renegade X IP


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Renegade X IP v1.1

Renegade X IP is based on Rengade IP. With this utility you were able to connect to all servers you wanted by entering the IP and port. Renegade X IP is an alternative way to connect with Renegade X servers.


Radio Buttons

Launch TeamSpeak with linked servers: If there is a TeamSpeak entry for the server you're joining, Renegade X IP makes sure to launch TeamSpeak too.

Show confirmation dialog: There are times you don't want to be on TeamSpeak 3. Just hit no and TeamSpeak won't start.

Do not launch TeamSpeak: Won't launch TeamSpeak.

Renegade X IP makes it possible to save servers to a list just like Renegade IP did. This will give you the ability to load server information the next time you use Renegade X IP. Please note, this is still an early release and may contain bugs. Feel free to comment and submit ideas for future releases.

Special thanks to kenz3001 for creating the header!

Download: http://jam.game-maps.net/Renegade X/Renegade X IP/RenegadeXIP.exe://http://jam.game-maps.net/Renegade X...RenegadeXIP.exe

I didn't test this version a lot so if you come across a bug please report. Also make sure to run under admin mode.


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QUOTE (kenz3001 @ Jan 16 2010, 07:17 PM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
i gotta good new feature for ya .... adding a team speek loader in to it so when you load ya game it loads up team speek and the right server channel for the server that you wont to go on (optional setting) would love to see that[/b]

Working on implementing this.
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