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From a 7 year long Renegade player


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Seriously, this Mod could almost bring tears to my eyes. I've been raving on how Westwood was bought out and we were promised some Tiberium EA spinoff (2 years announced and still no idea where it stands) and how Renegade deserved a sequel. 7 years and you can still join in on multiple servers with over 30 ppl in it at 3:38am in the morning.

Just letting you all know there are some oldies out there who are cheering this project on. I can't wait for this module to finalize and go public. I'm going to tell every single person I know about it. I'm crossing my fingers and hoping for the best.

Thanks Renegade X Team

(Also a Standalone is going to be crucial to get a playerbase going. I really hope this is going to be possible. It'll make convincing friends a lot harder to join in on the fun.)

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I fully agree with m3chladon. I've also been around all these years in the Renegade Community.

Most of the time being quiet and only silently watching and i have to say that this mod brings hope to the people that the C&C franchise and especially Renegade isn't going to disappear for a long time.

Congratulations to the Dev-Team for this wonderful mod and thank you very much for your efforts! I'm sure after the Standalone release the community will grow further.

I'm also spreading the word around to friends! But so far the "mod-character" wasn't so popular to many of them.

They weren't interested to install the game and the mod just to try it out. I believe this will change as soon as the standalone version is released. Far more convenient, if you just want to try a game ;-)

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This mod is a good thing, i haven't kept interest in something for more than a year besides fishing and call of duty. I learned how to program because of these guys and wanting to help out (lost interest when a chat program i created was caught by a teacher and i got in trouble :/ ). I joined my drafting class because we will be learning 3ds max, because of this mod (still interested in this)! I have done many things irl because of this mod and I want to say thank you. If you look at my member number, you can see that I've been with them since the beginning (close to the beginning, and not with them but cheering them on). Thank you for your hard work dev team. Cubera/mahi-mahi is a fan of Renegade-x like Mighty BOB is a fan of Command and Conquer!

The tiberium/renegade spin off was canned along with renegade 2, but it was going to be a squad based shooter which is kinda gay.

PS: when i read over this i sounded like a stalker HAHA :lol:

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sigh... im so mad ea canceled Rene2 maby they got jelus of westwoods work and bought them cancled it and made there own C&C Tiberium which was halo :P and they calcled that too sigh... need a renegade2 :/ need C&C back, I WANT WESTWOOD BACK if i had a time maching and i could show westwood the future ;(

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Renegade 2 got canned because DICE was about to release Battlefiled 1942 and ID was going to release Doom 3 (which ended up delayed for like 2 years) , Back then EA was not really the kind of company to want their games as 'number 3' so they Cancelled Renegade 2 :\

Neither would have been a big impact on Renegade 2 IMHO , they should have just delayed it.

And TIBERIUM would have been bad anyway ! *Remembers the TIBERIUM titan* Oh god , the nightmares...

It was just going to turn C&C into Battlefield , which would have been bad , VERY bad , C&C has it's own style.

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i thought there was aliens in there like you vs alies (as gdi) sounds kinda like a Halo but meh i like the bases :P but want bigger maps, ones that you can move and hide and be more stealth and form tatics while mobile :/ like UN-Newmaps :P was my fav wit 40 players on it now 0 D:

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