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UDK ~ Ren-x


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Ima dloding UDK and checking tuts for info


nVidia FTW lol so ima try and set it up then throw all the shit for Ren-X into UDK and see it it poops out a standalone game lol, it all goes well then i will post it for the devs lol

dont get mad at me, im not trying to do anything stupid with rights or shit all, i just wanna see :P and wish me luck lol

500MB lol wow

Tut: http://tutorial.toltecstudios.com/

i will keep trying 4 a while but if all goes bad then i finished untill im in my computer engeneering course next semester ;)

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Progress Report:

I got the game made and now i need to put the ren-x files with it and throw the frontend in there, so for now i got the game leaded as UDK now i need to put files in and connect to server and maby play, but i hope i get all the .ini's right and shit lol

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Going for UDK will mean tons of work to do and redo, and specially for level designers (mappers) cause they will need to learn a totally new lighting engine that's completely different from the current one, that and some fracture plus liquid stuff and soft body physics and we'll be beyond awesome

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