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Hello, liking this


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Hi, I'm CarrierII (which is why my nickname is CarrierII...)

I like this mod a lot, and can (sorta) map, and I'm getting better.

I'm trying to make C and C field right now for UT2004 (I know it's unlikely to be compatible with UT3) and I'll post some SS once it starts looking more like field :S


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Heh, -very- WIP, but looks a little like field (stand on the far bridge and look towards the GDI entrance)

Yes, no textures yet, let me make it look more like field please, I've had to teach myself terrain, I normally build indoor maps out of BSP primitives, this is a different kettle of pregnant hamsters entirely. (long story)

Enjoy, or not, lol: (the strange texture that looks like low quality lights is a placeholder, so I can differentiate it from anything I might add - speaking of lights, we need someone to remake the lamp post, it appears in about ten maps...)


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