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Why havent I heard of Renegade X before!


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QUOTE (TiberFCSL @ Nov 22 2009, 01:14 AM) <{POST_SNAPBACK}>
Please could you tell me where did you get to know the existance of this mod?[/b]

Google. Curiosity got me hoping that someone had picked up the chalice of renegades game mechanic. I was very pleased to find that someone has & on a very good engine at that ;) Would not have found Renegade X I dont think without that bias curiosity though.

Will be spreading the word, Im sure of about 3 people in the coming months will be downloading the mod.

Just wish I had the time to give the dev's a hand with the modelling, texturing etc & I would know a couple of people that would love to chip in aswell but alas I can imagine they are in the same boat as me. All I can offer atm is my applause on your work so far from what I have seen is first class. I simply cant wait for my copy of UT3 to get here.
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