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Nobody plays this amazing mod :(


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I check many times a day the renegade-x frontend and most of the time there are just 3 players in a server, if I'm lucky there are 5, never more than that.

It's a shame, since this mod is a really good one. What's going on? Do the entire C&C community know the existence of this mod or it's necessary to spread the word?

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Sadly, as cool as it is, it is only in beta and much is still to be done before calling it complete. Since they really just started with releasing it (what about a month or so ago), there is not much to play with before you it starts feeling really repetitive. Also with balancing issues, most might just be playing the original Ren until this become more complete.

Give it time, this is just the beginning.

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There are 11 players on Slaughterhouse #2 marathon server now.

It is not much but it gets better soon i think :)

I'm doing my best to promote renx where i go. Posting mod info on game forums and stuff.

Also posted a torrent on several websites, and at this time two people are downloading it, about 20 or so

already completed downloading it.

Just join and wait for players. They join eventually :)

I would have joined myself if my pc wasnt broken :( will get it fixed this week.

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It's a beta

with bugs

with unbalances

and 40% of the game is finished

I haven't played a lot because I am lazy and the previous two releases I spend more time trying to figure out how to start the game then I actually played, so atm I'm just biding my time untill the patches progress. Once most bugs are out, and more of the game is finished. I expect the servers will flood.

Yours sincerely,


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